Cleaning your solar panels increases electrical efficiency for 2 main reasons.

1) Excessive temperatures can cause up to a 25% reduction in efficiency. Most solar panels eventually suffer from baked on mineral deposits due to airborne dust particulate, bird droppings, and other contaminants. Ultimately the darker color of the deposits leads to increased panel temperatures. 

2) Mineral deposits and dust block UV light.  According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory the impact can be as severe as a 30% reduction in solar gain.  



You can extend the life of your solar panels by keeping them clean. Removing contaminants reduces solar gain, which means excess heat won't destroy internal components.

Roof-top solar array in Burlington, VT


We are able to reach most solar panels on high roofs using our specialty carbon fiber telescoping poles.

At the end of these poles are boar's head bristle brushes, which gently remove surface contaminants without scratching the glass.

It is important to use a soft brush when cleaning solar panels! Microscopic scratches on the glass will deflect light and degrade the protective repellent found on most panels.

Moreover we use purified water that leaves a virtually spotless finish

Our tool-kit includes a reverse-osmosis water filtration unit which removes all dissolved minerals from your water, which means there are no mineral streaks left behind.

We clean both residential and commercial solar panel arrays. We also offer a huge range of other cleaning services.

Large scale solar panel array in a snowy field in Vermont

A roof covered in solar panels with a blue sky background in Waterbury, VT.


Cleaning makes us happy, and we like to show it off.

Got some mold for us to pressure wash? Perhaps some fungi or moss growing in places it shouldn’t be?