Does your deck look the the first image to the right?  If so, you should consider a deep cleaning.  The mold, algae, and dirt on this surface have an exponentially destructive effect on your decking.  At the same time, it looks terrible!

Because of the effects of environmental pollution, regular cleaning and resealing of your deck actually pay off in the long run. In other words, power washing your deck is a great way to protect your investment while keeping your home looking beautiful!

We are experts in wood restoration via power washing and sealing.  Likewise we have a strong scientific understanding of detergents and sealers.

We are happy to guide you towards the best cleaning and sealing solution for your deck.

We love what we do and look forward to blasting away the grime on your home. 

 BEFORE                                                                               AFTER


A deck in Burlington Vermont with a "before" and "After" image from power washing


Exotic deck lumber is beautiful but will look just like a weathered barn if it isn't washed and re-sealed every couple of years. Moreover the highly dense wood grain means it requires special treatment compared to cedar or pressure treated decking.

This is a hard-wood deck with a layer of our eco-friendly detergent.  The fizzing is actually the byproduct of mold and algae destruction!

3 reasons to hire a professional for deck cleaning

  • First, a professional will not leave behind wavy streaks on your decking.  That's because they will use specific pressure cleaning tips to reduce pressure at the wood surface.  The result is an evenly washed surface. Because of this, fan marks are not a problem.
  • Second, it is very easy to damage your wood grain.  This comes from a) literally blasting away the wood fibers, and b) applying inappropriate detergents. For example, using concentrated bleach can drastically alter your deck color and leave strange spot marks behind.
  • Third, you will save a significant amount of labor without breaking the bank.  You will easily spend a full day with a consumer-grade pressure washer.  Moreover, renting a pressure machine and surface cleaner can cost almost $120.

Frequently asked questions about Deck Power Washing

How do I know if my deck needs to be power washed ?

There are 3 easy ways to tell.

  • First is a droplet test - pour a small amount of water on the decking. If the water beads up your sealer (paint or stain) is still "active". If the water is absorbed into the wood over more than 5% of the deck area, it's time for a cleaning.
  • Your deck is slippery when wet.  The same algae that grows on ponds can end up on your deck.  It's dangerous.  Luckilyt his hazard can be mitigated without needing to seal your deck.  
  • There are growths that appear to penetrate into your decking.  

How often should I power wash my deck?

Unfortunately many deck stains need to be refreshed on a yearly basis! That means your lumber is vulnerable from mold and algae.  Because of this we recommend a yearly or bi-yearly cleaning program to keep costs down.  Don't hesitate to contact us to talk more about a servicing schedule.


When can I power wash my deck?

Vermont Home Wash has a primary season from April 1st until November 1st. However, if you want to seal your deck the temperatures need to be at least in the 50's for a minimum of 48 hours straight.  Therefore the decking season is primarily from May through October.

Power washer surface washer on deck wash in Burlington, VT