Have you been meaning to blast away those nasty growths, rust marks, grease marks, and other discolorations on your driveway or walkway?  No matter what ails your hardscapes we have the appropriate detergent and tools to get the job done.

We offer services for both commercial and residential clients. In fact, our customer list includes apartment complexes, stores, banks, and more. Our equipment allows us to easily reach 4 stories!

Why should you hire a professional to pressure wash your walkways and driveways?

Algae and mold return rapidly unless all of the spores and habitat are removed. A professional will destroy all the growth using targeted detergents and appropriate dwell times. This dramatically increases the time your driveway spends looking fresh.

Parking lot just washed with a high pressure surface cleaner


Our power washing process follows the latest industry standards.

We begin by removing anything on the driveway and sweeping away large debris.

Next, we wet the surface to offer an even surface for the detergents to adhere to.

Following this is the application of a targeted eco-friendly detergent, which is sprayed on with a solar powered diaphragm pump.

The key part of our process is dwell time, where the detergents are given approximately 15 minutes to sit and perform their duty.

After 15 minutes the surface is blasted clean using a specialized surface washer 


Check out our work. Cleaning makes us happy, and we like to show it off.

4 Reasons Driveway Pressure Washing is important

1) Algae and other surface pollution is a safety hazard due to increased slip risk. 

2) Dirt and other particulate trapped in surface pores trap moisture which leads to increased freeze cracking risk. 

3) An unsightly driveway reduces your property value. 

4) Trapped particulate is the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew which can then spread to your siding and other areas. 


I once visited a customer who had tried power washing her slate patio with poor results.  I was shocked when she showed me a mess of streaks created from a zero degree nozzle at high pressure.

This customer's patio needed to first be coated in a detergent to destroy all the cells causing the algae and mold growth.

At Vermont Home Wash we don't just pressure wash - - we destroy all the algae and mold to extend the time your hardscapes spend looking fresh.

Whereas most other power washing contractors use harsh detergents such as chlorine and phosphorus that leach into your garden, we use specially formulated detergents that have NO harmful environmental effects.

Mold and algae on vinyl in Burlington, VT