Why restore your furniture?

The discoloration and growths on the furniture you see above is a variety of algae, mold, moss, and lichen. Due to these growths the beautiful wood is hidden underneath.

Fortunately your furniture can look completely restored with a simple power washing. Specifically a "soft wash," using the power of detergents and dwell time versus using high pressure.

We are able to get most furniture to a nearly-new surface.  Moreover we are able to do so without leaving streak marks or damaging the structural integrity of the wood fibers.

About half our customers prefer not to re-stain their wood furniture.  We are happy to quote a re-seal as well.

We power wash any type of outdoor furniture.

After you contact us for a brief overview of your project, we will either visit your home or ask for pictures.

We book about a week out, more during the busy season.


Our extra-long hoses allow us to reach furniture on any part of your property.

Why should you hire a professional to pressure wash your furniture?

Algae and mold return rapidly unless all of the spores and habitat are removed. A professional will destroy all the growth using targeted detergents and appropriate dwell times. This dramatically increases the longevity of the sealers protecting your furniture. Moreover a pro will give consistent, even results without streak marks or other issues.

We follow a simple and safe 6 step process to get your outdoor furniture looking new.

1) First, we assess the structural integrity and design of your furniture.  Some furniture has mold penetrating deep into the core and may not be worth cleaning. Moreover some screws and bolts are susceptible to leaving oxidation stains with the wrong detergents.

2) Following is a wet-down of all surfaces with low pressure water.  The goal is to create an appropriate surface for the detergent, enabling an even absorption.  Without this step the final product risks having patchy looking marks.

3) Your furniture is then lightly sprayed with a specific eco-friendly detergent.  Our detergents are completely harmless to your home, animals, and landscaping. Moreover we use conservation practices to utilize the least amount of detergent as possible.  As a result we are able to be green while bringing rices down!

The most important part of the process is to let the detergents do the heavy work!

4) After this, we wait.  Depending on the temperature, severity of growth, and detergent dilution ratio the wait period is between 5 and 15 minutes. It's important to pay close attention to this step.  That's because if dwell time is too low the surface will require higher pressure to get clean. This is bad because higher pressure increases the risk of "furring," or abrading the wood fibers. Moreover too little dwell time may mean the mold and other contaminants, which literally have roots going into your furniture, are not entirely killed.

5) The next step is a thorough "soft wash," which is a cleaning method using less than 1000 psi to clean surfaces. The low pressure ensures that your furniture is not damaged in the power washing process.

6) The final step is to bring the wood fibers back to the appropriate pH using a pH balancing mixture.  This measurement is important if you plan on re-sealing the furniture as stains/paints need to be aplied to a pH balanced surface. Complicating things is that different wood species like to be at differing pH's. We measure the results at the end of every project!


Check out our work. Cleaning makes us happy, and we like to show it off.

Got some mold for us to pressure wash? Perhaps some fungi or moss growing in places it shouldn’t be?