Cleaning clogged gutters is important for three big reasons:

1). Clogged gutters can damage your roof-line which may allow water to enter your home.

2) They serve as a home for mold, algae, mice, and other unwanted organisms.

3) They can bend under the weight of debris which costs hundreds or thousands to repair.


The reason homes have gutters is to prevent soil erosion and foundation leaking. A clogged gutter is an ineffective gutter, which means you are putting your home at risk without regular cleaning.

This filthy gutter was a breeding ground for insects, rodents, and mold.  


There are a few major differences between our cleaning process and most other's.

  • First, we use gentle but focused water blasting to dislodge leaves, dirt, and other pollution.

  • Second, we apply specific eco-friendly detergents to destroy all mold and algae spores.

  • Third, we are able to blast and inspect entire downspouts using sewer-jetting technology.

  • Finally, we are able to do all of this without needing to use ladders! This means incredible savings for you.


Check out our work. Cleaning makes us happy, and we like to show it off.

Got some mold for us to pressure wash? Perhaps some fungi or moss growing in places it shouldn’t be?

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I clean my gutters?

The short answer is that you should clean gutters on at least a bi-annual basis.  Gutters closer to trees may need to be cleaned every year. Regular maintenance brings down the cleaning costs.

Will you be climbing on my roof to clean the gutters?

Aside from inspecting your gutters we actually do everything from the ground.  This is thanks to our investment on carbon fiber telescoping pole technology.

When can you blast my gutters?

Vermont Home Wash has a primary season from April 1st until November 1st. However, offer gutter cleaning year-round.  We are happy to provide you with reliable gutter cleaning on a regular basis at a discounted price.

Let us do the dirty work!

Mold and algae on vinyl in Burlington, VT