Vermont Home Wash employee removing a screen from a window in Burlington, VT.







4 Reasons Driveway Pressure Washing is important

1) Algae and other surface pollution is a safety hazard due to increased slip risk. 

2) Dirt and other particulate trapped in surface pores trap moisture which leads to increased freeze cracking risk. 

3) An unsightly driveway reduces your property value 

4) Trapped particulate is the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew which can then spread to your home. 

Home window screen gets washed and scrubbed with a XERO Pure cleaner

Why should you hire a professional to pressure wash your walkways and driveways?

Algae and mold return rapidly unless all of the spores and habitat are removed. A professional will destroy all the growth using targeted detergents and appropriate dwell times. This dramatically increases the time your driveway spends looking fresh.

Parking lot just washed with a high pressure surface cleaner


I once visited a customer who had tried power washing her slate patio with poor results.  I was shocked when she showed me a mess of streaks created from a zero degree nozzle at high pressure.

This customer's patio needed to first be coated in a detergent to destroy all the cells causing the algae and mold growth.

At Vermont Home Wash we don't just pressure wash - - we destroy all the algae and mold to extend the time your hardscapes spend looking fresh.

Whereas most other power washing contractors use harsh detergents such as chlorine and phosphorus that leach into your garden, we use specially formulated detergents that have NO harmful environmental effects.


Check out our work. Cleaning makes us happy, and we like to show it off.

Got some mold for us to pressure wash? Perhaps some fungi or moss growing in places it shouldn’t be?

How often should I power wash my home?

Does your vinyl look like the picture to the right? Strange mold and algae growths are regular occurrences, especially in Vermont where the ever-fluctuating weather creates the perfect environment for algae growth.  Algae and mold don't need much to thrive, just some water and dust!

We recommend once every 2 years to keep your home fresh. If your home is power washed the right way there won't be any algae or mold spores immediately available to re-colonize.

Why is mold and algae bad for my home?

First of all, curb appeal - - you don't want to be the eyesore on your block.  Furthermore, if these pollutants aren't pressure washed they will reduce the lifespan of your siding.  Also the mold can get behind the siding which increases the chance of interior air pollution and moldy wall cavities.

When can I power wash my home?

Vermont Home Wash has a primary season from April 1st until November 1st. However, offer window cleaning year-round.  We are happy to provide you with reliable pressure washing on a regular basis at a discounted price.

Mold and algae on vinyl in Burlington, VT