There are four primary reasons you should keep a scheduled cleaning of your awning. 

1) Algae and other surface pollution cause the fabric to deteriorate more rapidly. 

2) Dirt and other particulate accumulate and cause joint/gear failure.

3) A clean awning is a simple way to dramatically enhance your home's appearance. 

4) Trapped particulate is the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew which can then spread to your home. 

A store front with an awning cleaned by Vermont Home Wash


Even though awnings are made from synthetic fibers, they can still fall apart as fast as natural fibers. This often happens because mold and algae growth absorb sunlight. As a result there are hot patches that break down the plastic fibers.


I'll never forget the first awning I was asked to clean.  A hotel had majorly neglected a pool-side awning, to the point that algae and lichen covered most of the surface.  As a result, the synthetic fabrics almost fell apart to the touch!

This situation could have been avoided with a simple and inexpensive scrub-down.  Moreover it could have been avoided with proper awning cleaning detergents designed to actually destroy mold and algae.

At Vermont Home Wash we don't just pressure wash - - we destroy all the algae and mold to extend the time your awning can stay sharp!

Whereas most other power washing contractors use harsh detergents such as chlorine and phosphorus that leach into your garden, we use specially formulated detergents that have NO harmful environmental effects.

Moreover, we have the latest technology in extension wands, allowing us to clean virtually any awning with ease.

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