Welcome to Vermont Home Wash, an eco-friendly pressure washing company specializing in power washing, pressure washing, and soft-washing  of: Vinyl siding, decks, brick, cedar shingles, concrete, patios, roofs, and much more.

Vermont Home Wash began as a tiny project that grew into an obsession. Our founder, Chris Bergen was faced with a challenge of finding an eco-friendly way to clean his parent's home in Burlington, Vermont. The thought of harsh chemicals running into the waterways of Chittenden County, VT and it’s surrounding ecosystems didn’t feel right, especially with the pollution issues Lake Champlain currently faces.  Because of this Chris created a  specialized cleaning process that uses gentle detergents and carbon fiber telescoping poles.

Chris is also investing in solar powered pressure washing.  He recently installed a solar panel array on the power cleaning trailer to power 4 diaphragm pumps.  These pumps allow for a 40% reduction in fuel consumption due to the pressure washer being shut off during detergent application.  Chris is also researching how to reduce fossil fuel consumption from the pressure washing process with lithium-ion cells to power larger pressure washing pumps. Chris loves what he does and enjoys getting nerdy about the details of pressure cleaning.  Don't hesitate to reach out for any of your product needs.

The owner of Vermont Home Wash sits in the sunshine in Burlington, VT

Let me blast that grime away!

The owner of Vermont Home Wash with a power washing lance and pressure machine


Hello! I’m the founder Chris Bergen. I’m proud to be a Vermonter - my favorite memories will forever be recreating on Lake Champlain, hiking Camel’s Hump, and swimming in the Huntington river. Also, I'm proud of how resilient our small communities are. That is why I am a volunteer EMT with both Camels Hump Backcountry Rescue, and Richmond Rescue. Moreover that's why I am determined to make Vermont Home Wash a model for environmentally conscious business.

I am VERY frustrated by how ubiquitous toxic household cleaners have become.  For example, the msds sheet of almost any cleaner on the shelves of a big box store will have questionable ingredients.

As an environmental science major at Green Mountain College, I deeply understand the impact harsh chemicals have on the environment, which is why I chose to concoct a mixture of eco-friendly cleaning agents that do not negatively impact the various ecosystems to be found here in Vermont. When I’m kayaking down the Mad River, I want to know there isn’t trace amounts of un-pronounceable chemicals, phosphates, or chlorine finding their way into my lungs!

Our homes are an integral part of the beautiful landscape here, and are a point of pride for every Vermonter. Having a clean home feels good, looks good, and positively contributes to the local community. Contracting Vermont Country Exteriors to clean your home, patio or roof will also BE good for the environment. Guilt free, guaranteed.



Got some mold or algae for us to pressure wash? Perhaps some fungus or moss growing in places it shouldn’t be? Contact us now for a quote. We'll set up a time to scoot over to your home and investigate that ever growing grime.

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